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Heroes of Telluria

A sci-fi fantasy TdRPG for kids and young adults

Be a Hero!

Flung from the far past, into the distant future, our Heroes are recruited by the Tellurian Defense Force, a clandestine organization making use of the planets most cutting edge crystal powered technology.  Using this technology, the TDF discovered an immenent alien invasion from the seemingly unstoppable Overlord V.  The TDF is home to a handful of amazing individuals who aid the Heroes in their Missions.  The Heroes quest is to prevent the forces of the Overlord from conquering Telluria while finding a way to put a stop to the Overlord itself, before it conquers the entire cosmos!


The World of Telluria

The world that the majority of gameplay takes place on is massive in scale and scope.  Telluria is roughly 32 times the size of Earth, providing a massive playing field with abundant open space and unique resources.  A variety of environments exist on the planet, as the elemental crystal resources existing planet wide play a direct effect on the environment.  The energy from this crystal resource has permeated through the planet and the population, setting them apart from humankind in their ability for every Tellurian to manipulate crystal based energy, even if it's only every so slightly.

Planet and Moon

The Evil Overlord V

Overlord V is a fearsome foe, created in the deepest, darkest depths at the edge of the Cosmos, Overlord V is a being of pure villany.  The sole purpose of this evil leader is to control the entire Cosmos, bringing all planets under its control and swallowing them in perpetual darkness.  So far, nothing has been able to withstand the invasion of the Overlord's forces, as it continues to create more and more powerful forces, adding the civilizations it's conquered to it's endless army.  As the forces of the Overlord turn to Telluria, the invasion slowly begins, as more and more powerful waves of enemies begin to arrive in the Tellurian solar system.  The forces of the Overlord are as numerous and varied as the stars in the night sky, led by powerful Commanding Officers and Generals, with the endless evil power of the Overlord reigning supreme.  Will the Heroes be able to save the day and put a stop to the Overlord once a for all?

Heroes of Telluria: Guides

A Game for Beginner and Veteran
Therapists and Players alike.

Easy to learn yet engaging and robust in game mechanics, Heroes of Telluria is a perfect game for new Game Masters or Players.  Providing the clarity and simplicity to learn within minutes yet the depth and high level gameplay to challenge even the most capable players.

Learn to play in minutes!

The basic rules of play are easy enough for most players to learn in only a few minutes!  Once they have the basic actions down, it is all about describing to the Game Master what you want your Hero to do on your turn.  From there the Game Master can help the player determine what action they should take, walking them through what they need to do and how the action plays out.  After getting more familiar with the basic actions, players can look at picking up on the more advanced actions existing in Heroes of Telluria.  While knowledge of basic actions is enough to get through most Missions, being able to employ advanced actions enhances a players experience, shifting the focus from Game Master assistance to in game player advocacy.  Rather than have the Game Master walk you through what needs to be done, the player can select their action and use it to accomplish their goal.  This also creates leadership opportunities for more seasoned players, who can use their experience t help their fellow teammates make good choices.

Play for countless hours!

Our Game Sessions are set to last an hour.  Most Missions take multiple Game Sessions to complete (this does somewhat depend on the decisions of the players).  With over 100 Missions, Heroes of Telluria looks to provide hundreds of hours worth of gameplay throughout the course of the game.  Our current available product, Heroes Boot Camp consists of 8 Missions that are exactly one hour in length,making it easy for therapists to set up and schedule sessions.  1 Missions for 1 Hour per group each week, over an eight week period.

Level Up In Game, Level Up In Real Life

As players progress through the Missions, their Heroes gain new powers, indicative of the progress players have made through the story.  At the same time, as the players learn social skills and strategies through gameplay, they get an In Real Life (IRL) "Level Up" too, now having new skillsets that they have practiced during gameplay, to use outside of S.N.A.P.S. Heroes.

11 unlockable Heroes over 17 chapters and growing!

Heroes of Telluria starts players out with 6 base class Heroes.  As players complete Missions and progress the plot, opportunities to unlock additional Hero classes will present themselves.  Currently, our Lead Game Designer has divided the current Missions for the Game into 17 Chapters, with the Mission total well over 100 strong.  (Of course there's room for additional Missions and Heroes to be added-on.)  Our Lead Game Designer plans to bring the story to life through three overarching story lines, each dealing with a different time frame.

Meet our Starting Heroes below!  

Heroes of Telluria: FAQ

Meet Your Heroes

The Base 6 Heroes
Tank, Medic, Ranger, Cyborg, Pilot and Mechanic

Tank SpriteB1.jpg
Medic SpriteB1.jpg
Ranger SpriteB1.jpg
Cyborg SpriteB1.jpg
Pilot SpriteB1.jpg
Mechanic SpriteB1.jpg
Heroes of Telluria: Gallery

Powerful Heroes

The Heroes of Telluria have Incredible Powers at their disposal

Excellent Base Stats

Our Heroes have their Base Stats set well above that of the average NPC, making them powerful units on each Mission.  Where an NPC has failed, a Hero can easily succeed, putting the Heroes at the forefront of all in game problem resolution.

Powerful Skills

Each Hero has access to their own unique and powerful set of Skills.  These Skills can quickly turn a situation around if the Heroes find themselves in a tight spot, however their usage is not infinite.  Each time a Hero Levels Up, their Base Stats increase and they gain access to additional Skills, growing more and more powerful as the player advances.

EXA Heroes - The Power of Teamwork

By helping others, players are awarded special transformation points.  After they have accumulated enough, they can transform into an almighty EXA Hero for a limited time and only once per Mission.  EXA Heroes have vastly superior stats and gain access to overwhelmingly powerful techniques, defeating most average enemies with a single action.  However, wise players save up their transformations for the inevitable Boss Fight at the end of each Mission.  Even with transformations, some Boss Monsters prove themselves to be more than capable on the battlefield.

Heroes of Telluria: List

The Tank

You are the Tank, strong and sturdy you are most comfortable in the most dangerous situations, being the pillar of defense for the Squad.  With your skill Built-like-a-Tank you ensure that your allies stay safe while taking the damage in their place.

Heroes of Telluria: Gallery

The Medic

You are the Medic, one of the most vital members of your squad; you are responsible for healing the wounds of your fellow squad mates.  With your trusty Med-Pack you can always count on the Medic to save the day!

Heroes of Telluria: Gallery

The Ranger

You are the Ranger, swift and nimble you use your long range attacks and abilities to remain unseen by your enemies, attacking them when they least expect it.

Heroes of Telluria: Gallery

The Cyborg

You are the Cyborg, a hybrid of man and machine.  With advanced technology on your side you can copy the skills of your squad.  Between that and the help of your friends the enemy aliens don’t stand a chance!

Heroes of Telluria: Gallery

The Pilot

You are the Pilot, fast and capable you can quickly move about the battlefield, moving in and out of combat as needed.  When a lot of enemies show up the Pilot calls in an Air Strike to clear the field!

Heroes of Telluria: Gallery

The Mechanic

You are the Mechanic, skillful and resourceful you are a master of machines, using your Build-a-Bot Skill to create friendly Block-Bots that assist your squad mates in combat.  The power of creativity is strong in this one!

Heroes of Telluria: Gallery
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