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Legends of Telluria

A S.N.A.P.S. Heroes Roleplaying Game for players 18+

Coming Soon!
In both physical and electronic format!

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Legends of Telluria: Welcome

Legends of Telluria

An epic sci-fi fantasy TdRPG for advanced players 18+

An Epic Adventure!

Flung from the far past, into the distant future, our Heroes are recruited by the Tellurian Defense Force (TDF), a clandestine organization making use of the planet's most cutting edge crystal powered technology.  Using this technology, the TDF discovered an imminent alien invasion from the seemingly unstoppable Overlord V.  The TDF is home to a many amazing individuals who aid the Heroes in their Missions.  The Heroes quest is to prevent the forces of the Overlord from conquering Telluria while finding a way to put a stop to the Overlord itself, before it conquers the entire cosmos!


Advanced Gameplay Mechanics

With a detailed Player's Manual, systems exist for just about every possible action you could imagine.  Actions are enhanced in detail and complexity from those used in Heroes of Telluria.  Including specific information on how a character would calculate their jump distance, ability to lift and throw objects, grapple enemies, etc.  Knowledge of the rules and systems will be important in both being able to use your Hero to their fullest and progression of the game.  With all of the specific rules and the systems for the various game mechanics, our Lead Game Designer created the S.N.A.P.S. Heroes "Hero Suit System Diagnostic" program, to make it easier to track changes in stats, amount of ammo, what weapon is equipped, weapon durability, effects of accessories, items and what a Hero's currently available Skills can do, among other things.  If you're looking for a role playing game with an emphasis on detail that strives to streamline the process for players, the Legends of Telluria is right for you!

Robot Wars

Choose Your Character

For Role Playing Veterans, being able to define your character and watch them change and grow as they experience the game world is what keeps players coming back for more sessions!  In Legends of Telluria, we emphasize character customization.  Heroes just starting out pick their base character class, which provides them with pre-loaded stats and Skills.  From there, players get to decided which stats to allocate bonus points into, potentially granting them bonuses or greater bonuses to their dice rolls for certain actions.  Every time they level up, they can add additional points to their base stats.  From there, the player gets to decided where to take their character.  With a robust Training system, players can spend their down time trying to learn unique moves.  If a player wants to learn how to use a certain weapon, or improve their proficiency that route is available too.  After reaching level 3, players get to choose a unique "specialization" for their Hero, which levels up separately from their Base Class.  Each time their Base Class levels up, they are granted the Skill for the next level.  Each time their Specialization levels up, they get to choose from 1 of 2 new Skills or Abilities.  With a single Base Class Hero maxing out at level 12, with Specializations going from 3 to 12 with 2 options per level, with 6 Specializations, each Hero class brings 114 unique Skills/Abilities to the table.  With 17 Hero Classes currently created, Legends of Telluria boasts a tremendous 1,938 Skills/Abilities available to players.  Add in 138 Trainings that a player can have their character undertake to add to their actions or further enhance their playstyle and Legends of Telluria can boast an impressive character development system.

Droid Soldier

Weapons, Armor and Items galore!

Speaking to the point of character customization, what would a Hero be without weapons and armor that suit the play style of the player?  In addition to weapons and armor, players can choose to equip accessories to their Hero and make use of items.  There's a full crafting system for each category too!  Legends of Telluria has 23 categories of weapons with over 1,000+ choices, 5 categories of armor with over 200 selections and hundreds of accessories and armor.  The chances of any other player ending up the same as yours is slim to none!


The World of Telluria

The world that the majority of gameplay takes place on is massive in scale and scope.  Telluria is roughly 32 times the size of Earth, providing a massive playing field with abundant open space and unique resources.  A variety of environments exist on the planet, as the elemental crystal resources existing planet wide play a direct effect on the environment.  The energy from this crystal resource has permeated through the planet and the population, setting them apart from humankind.  Every Tellurian has the ability to manipulate crystal based energy, even if it's only ever so slightly.  Thanks to this resource, technology is highly advanced, interplanetary space travel is possible and the world of Telluria, it's general population ignorant to the Overlord's invasion, is beginning to reach out to other galaxies.  Although it would be nice to believe this endeavor has gone smoothly, the truth is that peace does not rule the world in Legends of Telluria.   With 7 continents and 43 nations in existence the political landscape of the world is far from ideal, some nations in open warfare with one another over valuable crystal resources.  Although the planet size and population is massive, only a small percentage can fully wield the elemental power of raw crystal energy, drawing out their effects to the fullest.  This individuals are highly sought after and valued for their talents.  Depending on the nature of the individual and what group manages to command them, they can become a force for justice, or for tyranny.  In Legends of Telluria it's not just the forces of the Evil Overlord that the Heroes will have to contend with, sometimes the most dangerous foes come from within.

Planet and Moon

The Enemies

Overlord V is a fearsome foe, created in the deepest, darkest depths at the edge of the Cosmos, Overlord V is a being of pure villany.  The sole purpose of this evil leader is to control the entire Cosmos, bringing all planets under its control and swallowing them in perpetual darkness.  Those that do not submit and join the ranks of its evil army, are ruthlessly crushed.  So far, nothing has been able to withstand the invasion of the Overlord's forces, massive in number and overwhelming in power, darkness rapidly creeps in from the edges of the Cosmos.  As it continues to create more and more powerful forces, adding the civilizations it's conquered to it's endless army, the number of villains available for the Game Master to employ grows.  The forces of the Overlord have now set their sights on Telluria, the invasion slowly beginning, as more and more powerful waves of enemies begin to arrive in the Tellurian solar system.  The forces of the Overlord are as numerous and varied as the stars in the night sky, even as those thousands of light years away are extinguished.  Whats more, the Overlord's forces are led by powerful Commanding Officers and Generals, with the endless evil power of the Overlord reigning supreme above them all.  With villains coming from the nations of Telluria and from far off galaxies, will the Heroes be able to save the day and put a stop to the Overlord once a for all?  With 75 unique classes of enemies, Legends of Telluria currently has over 600 monsters ready to provide a thorough challenge to Heroes of any level.

Legends of Telluria: Guides

A Game for Seasoned RPG Veterans

A mindbogglingly expansive TdRPG with in depth in game mechanics, Legends of Telluria is the TdRPG for seasoned tabletop RPG Veterans who are looking for a new game to really sink their teeth into, with an emphasis on social interactions and team work.  Our Players Manual and Game Master's Codex provide hundreds of pages of reading. It enables players to learn the rules, what actions they can take and how their player can advance as they learn Skills, Abilities and take on specialized Trainings and Level Up their Hero.  The Game Master's Codex goes above and beyond what you find in Heroes of Telluria, guiding the Game Master to provide subtle therapeutic interventions and interactions to guide players as they navigate the massive world of Legends of Telluria.

Undertake an Epic Journey!

The full length of Legends of Telluria easily extends into hundreds of hours of gameplay.  With over 100 Missions, most with an "Intermission" Mission in between, to allow players the opportunity for unique role playing, Legends of Telluria is a massive game.  The plot is story driven, with plenty of opportunities for unique events based on player decisions.  This means that no two play throughs will ever be the same.  Unlike Heroes of Telluria, characters can meet a permanent demise.  With battles with enemy forces being a prominent factor during gameplay, it is highly likely that meaningful NPC's will be lost along the way.  This transience however, adds to the feel of the Heroes journey, rising up through opposition, adversity and difficult circumstances culminating in a truly epic experience.  "It's easy to be a Hero when things are going well, a true Hero shines by standing tall when everything seems lost."

Forge meaningful bonds through roleplaying

As mentioned above, characters in Legends of Telluria can meet a permanent, sometimes gruesome demise, the game being designed for 18+ players.  This only serves to strengthen the meaningful interactions the players have with NPCs and with one another.  With your players life on the line, in do or die situations, you need to count on your team to work together to overcome the challenges that present themselves.  Legends of Telluria was designed so that a strong sense of teamwork, unity, coordination and cooperation between players results in the greatest success.  This means communicating with your team and interacting with one another.  This is the power of role playing games!

Shape the very cosmos itself with your decisions

Player advocacy and decision making are a prominent factor in progressing through the Missions of Legends of Telluria, no two play throughs will be the same.  The decisions that players make may open up otherwise unavailable scenarios, granting them new poewrs, or may introduce them to additional challenges to their Missions.  With a detailed faction system, how the Heroes are seen in the eyes of the various nations of the world will affect how the story develops.  This holds true even within their own Tellurian Defense Force, the various factions coming together to combat the Overlord, but each group has their own talents, opinions and personalities.  Being inducted into a faction may require additional conditions be met, or quests completed, but in return the Hero may gain additional powers.  It is all about the decisions of the players and how they want to perform their actions that will shape the world around them.

The Simultaneous Story System (S^3)

S.N.A.P.S. Heroes - Legends of Telluria is driven by the Simultaneous Story System, the layer above the core TdRPG system that drives gameplay.  This system was designed to shake up traditional, static game play.  With a "Reaction Action" Mechanic, turn order does not always hold true, allowing characters to perform actions even when it is not directly their turn.  This allows for a more unique flow to combat, with the addition of specific "Reaction Actions" to add an additional level of tactical complexity to combat, with a game play narrative that hinges on the imagination of the Game Master.  Players that learn to employ this system enjoy exciting, interactive battles, instead of the more standard slog of "perform 2 actions, then possibly have bad things happen to you until its your turn to perform 2 actions again."  Employing this system means you don't have to leave it entirely up to the opponents dice to determine if you're hit or not, performing your own action to try and swing the situation in your favor.  S^3 also refers to the complex, interwoven plot.  As the players go about their days, so too does the world, events being available only at certain times, encountering and completing them changes the tapestry of the world, but so too does missing them.  Although the story centers around the players, the world does not, plots developing simultaneously as players progress.

11 unlockable Heroes over 17 chapters and growing!

Legends of Telluria starts players out with 6 base class Heroes.  As players complete Missions and progress the plot, opportunities to unlock additional Hero classes will present themselves.  Currently, our Lead Game Designer has divided the current Missions for the Game into 17 Chapters, with the Mission total well over 100 strong.  (Of course there's room for additional Missions and Heroes to be added-on.)  Our Lead Game Designer plans to bring the story to life through three overarching story lines, each dealing with a different time frame.

Unique Character Customization

With Base Classes, Specializations, Trainings, Skill and Abilities, Weapons, Armor, Accessories and Items at your Hero's disposal, Legends of Telluria supports players of all kinds of play styles.  How exactly you choose to play is up to you.  Our Lead Game Designer strove to design Legends of Telluria with the concept "if you can imagine it, you can do it" when creating this game.  Be unique!  Be creative!

Legends of Telluria: FAQ

Meet Your Heroes

The Base 6 Heroes
Tank, Medic, Ranger, Cyborg, Pilot and Mechanic

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Medic SpriteB1.jpg
Ranger SpriteB1.jpg
Cyborg SpriteB1.jpg
Pilot SpriteB1.jpg
Mechanic SpriteB1.jpg
Legends of Telluria: Gallery

Powerful Heroes

The Heroes of Legends of Telluria have Incredible Powers at their disposal

Excellent Base Stats

Our Heroes have their Base Stats set well above that of the average NPC, making them powerful units on each Mission.  Where an NPC has failed, a Hero can easily succeed, putting the Heroes at the forefront of all in game problem resolution.

Powerful Skills, Abilities and Trainings

Each Hero has access to their own unique and powerful set of Skills.  These Skills can quickly turn a situation around if the Heroes find themselves in a tight spot, however their usage is not infinite.  Each time a Hero Levels Up, their Base Stats increase and they gain access to additional Skills, growing more and more powerful as the player advances.

Hero Actions and Transformations

By helping others, players are awarded with Hero Action Points.  These points can then be expended to perform powerful, boosted "Hero Actions," allowing a player to go beyond one's limits.  After a player has accumulated enough, they can employ a number of EXA systems although transforming into an almighty EXA Hero for a limited time and only once per Mission, is an option.  In Legends of Telluria these points can be put to use to bring about other impressive actions.  EXA Heroes transform based on their Base Class Hero and have vastly superior stats and gain access to overwhelmingly powerful techniques, defeating most average enemies with a single action.  However, wise players save up their transformations for the inevitable Boss Fight at the end of each Mission.  Even with transformations, some Boss Monsters prove themselves to be more than capable on the battlefield.

Legends of Telluria: List

The Tank

You are the Tank, strong and sturdy you are most comfortable in the most dangerous situations, being the pillar of defense for the Squad.  With your skill Built-like-a-Tank you ensure that your allies stay safe while taking the damage in their place.

Legends of Telluria: Gallery

The Medic

You are the Medic, one of the most vital members of your squad; you are responsible for healing the wounds of your fellow squad mates.  With your trusty Med-Pack you can always count on the Medic to save the day!

Legends of Telluria: Gallery

The Ranger

You are the Ranger, swift and nimble you use your long range attacks and abilities to remain unseen by your enemies, attacking them when they least expect it.

Legends of Telluria: Gallery

The Cyborg

You are the Cyborg, a hybrid of man and machine.  With advanced technology on your side you can copy the skills of your squad.  Between that and the help of your friends the enemy aliens don’t stand a chance!

Legends of Telluria: Gallery

The Pilot

You are the Pilot, fast and capable you can quickly move about the battlefield, moving in and out of combat as needed.  When a lot of enemies show up the Pilot calls in an Air Strike to clear the field!

Legends of Telluria: Gallery

The Mechanic

You are the Mechanic, skillful and resourceful you are a master of machines, using your Build-a-Bot Skill to create friendly Block-Bots that assist your squad mates in combat.  The power of creativity is strong in this one!

Legends of Telluria: Gallery
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