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S.N.A.P.S. Heroes Boot Camp Physical Board Game Version: Welcome

S.N.A.P.S. Heroes
- Heroes Boot Camp -

Introductory Kit to the S.N.A.P.S Heroes System for Heroes of Telluria

Physical board game format.

The Full Boxed Starter Kit

Our Full Boxed Kit for Heroes Boot Camp is designed to include all of the necessary materials for therapists to run their own sessions of Heroes Boot Camp in whatever fashion they choose.  This kit contains all of the necessary boards and tiles, as well as access to the digital version and the electronic PDF's needed for play.  This is the full package, giving the therapist everything S.N.A.P.S. Heroes has to offer for our Heroes Boot Camp!


Colorful Gameboards

With 8 Missions to accomplish in Heroes Boot Camp, the Heroes encounter multiple settings which are brought to life across two vibrant Game Boards.  With easy to follow along instructions and guide maps, beginner Game Master's will have no problem getting things started and following along with stage progressions.  The two boards used in the physical version are mirrored in the electronic version of Heroes Boot Camp!

Tilesets for 8 Missions

Also included in the full kit are the tilesets needed to play through Heroes Boot Camp.  This includes the Heroes, plenty of Villains as well as NPC's and structures.  The designs for the tilesets are replicated in the digital version.  The full kit provides everything a Game Master just starting out would need, including dice!

S.N.A.P.S. Heroes Boot Camp Physical Board Game Version: Guides
Heroes Boot Camp PLAYERS GUIDE Hero Suit
Monster Compendium Databasefor SNAPS Her

The Game Master's Codex

A powerful tool for the therapeutic team, the Game Master's Codex holds all of the pertinent information to enable the team to insert general therapeutic interventions into gameplay. It also contains the specific goals and benefits of each Mission and each scenario the players will encounter in the game.  The Game Master's Codex comes with the 8 Missions of our Heroes Boot Camp.  Designed for Game Masters and Therapists just getting into TdRPG's, this guide book will show you the way to effective therapeutic sessions.  Both the physical version and the electronic version are run from the Game Master's codex as the scenarios are mirrored.

The Player's Manual

This is the guidebook the players have access to, containing all the rules of play and the specifics of the actions they can perform on their turn.  The Player's Manual also contains all the information on the Base 6 Heroes and their Transformations.  In addition, it contains backstories and lore about the world of Telluria for our player's reading pleasure.  This guide book will assist players of all levels, teaching them game mechanics and acting as a powerful resource and reference point for the therapeutic team as well.

The Monster Compendium

A guidebook for Game Masters, it has extended information on the enemies the Heroes can encounter in Heroes Boot Camp.  It contains images, information on multiple levels of monsters and details on the Skills of each monster.  Making use of the Monster Compendium ensures that players will experience an appropriate challenge with every battle.  The Monster Compendium also contains suggestions on how to employ enemies in a way that creates opportunities for Therapeutic interventions or for players to practice various skills through the combat system of S.N.A.P.S. Heroes.

S.N.A.P.S. Heroes Boot Camp Physical Board Game Version: Guides

Introduction to Heroes Boot Camp

A tool to enhance the Social Skills of players

Interested in learning more about the Missions in Heroes Boot Camp?  Check out the Videos below for a quick synopsis of each of the 8 Missions!  We've included some live play of some of our players attempting to conquer a specially created Mission as well!

S.N.A.P.S. Heroes Boot Camp Physical Board Game Version: About
S.N.A.P.S. Heroes Boot Camp Physical Board Game Version: Videos

Live Gameplay Videos

Lead Game Designer Daniel Rowan created this additional Mission for our beta testers at Let's Go Play, Inc, using the materials for S.N.AP.S. Heroes Boot Camp.  Here are some clips of our various beta test groups playing through parts of the Mission.

We Have A Problem Heroes, How Do We Fix It?
Handling A Sticky Situation

In this video, the player acting as the Ranger recklessly ran off into a forest that had been behaving strangely.  The result was that the Ranger got ambushed, became trapped in a series of enemy webs and was slowly being Knocked Out.  With a little help from the Game Master, our players figured out a way to resolve the problem working together as a team!

Venturing Into The Forest Maze - Team Work

After determining that their objectives were taken somewhere into the forest, our Heroes decided to move forward as a group, which was a smart idea, since this forest constantly changes.  The flora comes to life in a wild way, working to separate the Heroes and to have them stay lost forever.  Our Medic ended up falling prey to the effects of the forest, but by working together our players were able to get back on track!

Another Group Braves The Forest Maze - Creativity and Problem Solving

This group is also attempting to navigate the forest maze.  Having experienced the effects of being thrown off course before, these players know their system for getting the group back together via suit signal and calling out (in game).  However, even the best laid plans can go awry, which causes the players to have to find more creative ways of implementing the tools at their disposal, in order to overcome the situation.  In the end, a combination of skill and action puts the team back on track.

Space Supernova
S.N.A.P.S. Heroes Boot Camp Physical Board Game Version: Videos

Questions & Answers

This kit sounds awesome, where can I get it and how much does it cost?

Currently, S.N.A.P.S. Heroes has a Kickstarter up and running at  Kits at all levels are available for order there.  Once the Kickstarter is successfully completed, orders will be fulfilled.  The full therapeutic kit costs $150, the electronic game costs $60 and ordering just the PDFs costs $35.

I'm a therapist and I know plenty of clients who could benefit from this game, what are the first steps I should take?

The first thing you should do is make sure you have a Game Master interested in running your sessions.  Tabletop Role Playing Games in general are incredibly popular, you'd be surprised at how easy it is to find someone who has at least some experience playing them!  After that, you need to determine which level of kit is right for you and the population you work with.  From there, you'll want to start scheduling group sessions with up to 6 players!

Do you offer a version for the general public?

At this time we have created a version of our Heroes Boot Camp called the "Standard" version, which is essentially just the quests of the game, the rule book and the monster manual.  Since we have designed the game to be therapeutic these results are inevitable, but over therapeutic elements are removed.  Despite having this at our disposal, we have not released this product, since we currently wish to focus on the product as a tool for Therapists.

So I can run Social Skills classes with your Heroes Boot Camp.  What should the price per session be?

The answer to that question is entirely up to you.  We believe it should reflect your Mission statement and the population you serve.  The exact system you use and whether or not you choose to give discounts is entirely up to the therapeutic team.

S.N.A.P.S. Heroes Boot Camp Physical Board Game Version: FAQ
S.N.A.P.S. Heroes Boot Camp Physical Board Game Version: Gallery
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