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Something for Everyone

Currently S.N.A.P.S. Heroes is offering our Heroes Boot Camp product in electronic or physical format.  Our Heroes Boot Camp is the perfect kit for beginners, both players and Game Masters.  That being said, Heroes Boot Camp has enough flexibility to still be challenging for a more experienced group.  Heroes Boot Camp focuses on teaching the Therapeutic Team how to conduct TdRPG sessions.  Players will learn social skills and have opportunities to work on other therapeutic goals.

How do I know which package is right for me?

If you are a therapist, or someone looking to work together with a therapist in order to run sessions to improve social skills with your players, our Heroes Boot Camp is right for you!

We recommend that beginners to the realm of table top RPG's get the Full Kit, since it comes with all of the materials necessary for playing the game, along with the added flexibility of running sessions of the Video Game as well.

If you believe that your social skills group is geared more towards electronics than physical board games and that your group wouldn't get much use out of the board game, then the Video Game is right up your alley!

For those that have experience in table top RPG's and are interested in running TdRPG sessions, then our PDF's are a great place to start!

What's the difference between the packages?

Our Heroes Boot Camp - Full Kit contains the physical board game, with all of the necessary boards and tiles to run the game.  It also includes the electronic version and the PDF guides needed to run our TdRPG.

Our electronic version contains access to a digital download of our electronic game, as well as the PDF guides needed to run the electronic version of our TdRPG.

Purchasing our PDF package gives you access to a digital download of 3 different PDF's.  You will get the Game Master's Codex, Player's Manual and Monster Compendium all needed to play through our Heroes Boot Camp.

Which version is best for beginners?

That answer depends entirely upon the situation in which the game will be played.  Although each part of our Heroes Boot Camp is geared towards beginners, the Full Kit version is best for this purpose, bringing players to the table and teaching both players and the Therapeutic Team alike, how to run through the TdRPG.  In this table top version, the Therapeutic Team will find it easier to maintain control over game sessions, as the physical version is easier for the Game Master to manipulate than the electronic version.  After establishing familiarity with the table top game play, it will then be easier to conduct electronic sessions.  This is a great way for any Game Master to learn how to conduct TdRPG sessions, while enhancing their repertoire of skills.

I like your game design, but I already have tons of tabletop materials!

That's great, it's always awesome to meet a fellow gaming enthusiast!  Depending on how you want to run the game, the PDF version is probably best for this scenario.  If you're comfortable as a game master and have a multitude of pieces at your disposal, we have our Heroes Boot Camp PDF's readily available for download.  We do however recommend that therapists consider obtaining the Video Game or full kit, as this will assist in facilitating therapeutic interventions.

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